Low Tare Weight

Extra Precision

High Speed

Safe and Powerful


The HMF 2820K-RCS has a jib extension system with over-bending of 15° between the main boom and the jib. This feature makes the crane a very flexible working tool, which is particularly suitable for operating through for instance narrow passages or below overhead power wires.
The HMF 2820K-RCS has a dual Power Plus link arm system, which ensures an excellent lifting capacity and makes it possible to lift both heavy loads close to the column and also lift bulky items at long reach and in high positions. Add to this an extensive range of peripheral options such as hoist or extra valves for Fly-Jib or grab, which gives the possibility of considerably extending the functionality of the crane.
Additionally, the crane can be delivered with HMF's load-dependent EVS system monitoring and ensuring stability.

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Data sheet:
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